Additional 3rd Round Janmabhoomi Maavooru Guidelines
for Immediate Compliance

1.  Kuchipudi dance to be made optional in the model agenda already  communicated.
2.  Representation of Hon’ble Ministers, MPs, MLAs and Janmabhoomi Committee is advised on the dias. One or two beneficiaries of ration cards, pensions, Housing etc., may be allowed to speak for one or two minutes during the Gramsabha.
3.  All the village level functionaries along with the JB committee should invariably participate in the Gramsabha without any exemption.
4.   Issues/problems of non availability of photos during distribution of ration cards may be sorted out immediately by the Civil Supplies department.
5.   Drinking water problems in the villages to be redressed immediately. Drilling of bore wells wherever required to be taken up immediately.
6.   Payment issues regarding construction of toilets may be sorted out by the Panchayat Raj department.
7.   Focus on implementation of Government schemes on saturation mode may be emphasized.
8.  Best practices and success stories should be shared  during Gramsabha.
9.  All the Principal Secretaries and Heads of the Departments to take immediate action on any grievance related issues pertaining to their department and District administration to sort out any district level issues.
10. Ground water level of 3 meters to be maintained. Water levels should be displayed prominently in the Gramsabha. Real time monitoring of water levels to be done regularly.


  1. Information on reasons for non conduct of Gramsabha to be reported.
  1. All incidents  for non conduct  of Gramsabha to be reported in a separate sheet by 6.00 pm every day to Planning Department.  Anydisturbances to be sorted out by district administration immediately.
  1. Information on Houses sanctioned to be reported daily.
  1. Number of GPs where rating of GPs as A,B,C,D with respect to 20 non-negotiables is completed to be reported daily.
  1. Under Panta Sanjeevini, information on number of farm ponds sanctioned and grounded to be furnished on day-to-day basis.
  1. Under Wada waada lo Chandranna Baata, laying of 3 Kms road every Day information on sanctioned and grounded to be reported daily.

g. Apart from reporting information on DRF, information may be collected through TABs also at the Gramsabha itself on Pensions, Ration cards, Houses sanctioned etc., and this should be facilitated.