Stakeholder Perception Survey III

Planning Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

The new State of Andhra Pradesh is committed to become the best state in the country by 2029 and one of the most preferred destinations in the world by 2050. To lay a strong foundation to achieve these goals, the state is focusing on six key transformational areas: (i) Inclusive, Job & Enterprise driven Economic Growth, (ii) Human Development, (iii) Industry & Trade Competitiveness, (iv) Knowledge Economy, (v) Sustainability, and (vi) Governance.  The building blocks of Sunrise Andhra Pradesh will be anchored on 7 Missions, 5 Grids and 5 campaigns.
The Andhra Pradesh state has prepared a Double Digit Growth Plan that will guide our macro-economic vision and define the policy, programme and implementation interventions across sectors and regions in the State. It will also address long-term priorities and short-term actions. While the focus is on growth engines that fuel economic development, equal attention is given to social sector development. Through participatory initiatives inducing behavioral change such as ‘Smart Village and Smart Ward for Smart Andhra Pradesh’, every village and municipal ward in the state would become smart.

The Andhra Pradesh state proposes to obtain regular feedback from primary stakeholders on key performance areas. This will review status and capture stakeholder perceptions and provide opportunity for timely course corrections. These surveys will be conducted at quarterly intervals and care will be taken to draw samples that represent all sections of stakeholders.

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu